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Quality Policy


In the sectors of corn starch, glucose and isoglucose in which we operate, we undertake the responsibilities of following the modern technological advances, expanding the capabilities of our employees via communicaiton and education, maintaining the highest hygene standarts in every step of production, fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers, following and improving the regulations of ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and BRC FOOD standarts and overseeing the sub policies below.

Hygene Policy

Identifying the physical, chemical and biological dangers of product safety in every step, controlling, enforcing its production according to health and hygene regulations.

Physical Appearance and Accessory Policy

It's forbidden to enter production areas without protective suit and bonnet. Any usage of accessories are forbidden in production areas. Protective suits must be used clean and must cover ears and hair completely. Maintaining the cleaness of suits are enforced on employees through education and guidance.

Smoking and Food Policy

It's forbidden to smoke and eat in production, storage and changing areas. Warning signs are visible through the facility. Visitors are enforced to follow these rules. 

Entering Production Area Policy

Visitors are required to wear special gown and bonnet to enter filling facilities. Only authorized personnel is allowed to enter production and storage areas and visitors without an escort is not allowed to enter.

Foreign Substance Policy

Materials which can contaminate the production area such as glass, plastic, wood, wires are removed. The existing glass and plastic materials are protected and controlled with metal equipment. Special tools are used for regular maintanence.

Employee Healthcare Policy

Periodic medical examination of the personnel is performed. Infectious disease, upper respiratory tract infections, diarrhea, nausea, coughing sneezing symptoms detected personnel are removed from the production area by the production manager.

Employees go through regular health examinations. In the cases of contamination, respitory infections, diarrhea, vomitting, employee is sent to examination by the production manager.

Forgery and Alteration Policy

Our products are never subjects of forgery and alterations. Suppliers are selected upon forgery and alteration assesments.



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