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Company Profile

AK NİŞASTA which was founded in May, 2015 in Kırklareli  Lüleburgaz with 100% local funding, started it's production with starch and corn syrup. Aimed to improving and high quality, AK NİŞASTA produced variety of products for food sector and always strived for absolute customer satisfaction by increasing it's product variety and quality.

AKNİŞASTA  produces Invert Liquid Sugar from crystallized sugar which is supplied from Turkey Sugar Factories. The oil and feed which is obtained during the production state is considered as an important side product in industrial income also contsists in AK NİŞASTA product variety.

Our facility is certifed with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, BRC Certificate and Halal Certificate and every state of the production is automated with high end technological instruments and supervised with expert technical team. AK NİŞASTA, with it's young, dynamic and expert team, always put a great deal of emphasise in research and advance in order to increase the level of quality in accordance to helal product production steps.

Always striving for delivering the best quality over the most quantity, AK NİŞASTA sees over to it's customer needs and the quality of products with it's expert team post sale. 

In short, AK NİŞASTA is the most qualified representative of production, sales and post sales support with it's expert technical personnel combined with technology.

Vision & Mission

Customer satisfaction, continuous development, social responsibility, professional management approach, technological developments, always innovative, without compromising quality, environmental protection, conscious manufacturers, we aim to achieve excellent and superior results.

As an organization operating in the food sector, in order to ensure the reliability, satisfaction and customer satisfaction of each sector, from producer to consumer; to meet the expectations of the customers and to produce products suitable for Starch-Sugar Communiqué.

To protect the environment and nature;

Fulfilling our obligations meticulously according to environmental regulations,

Working in cooperation with licensed companies for the recycling of waste generated during our operations,

Organizes training activities in order to raise awareness of our employees on environmental protection,

Supporting the activities of official or private organizations related to the environment,

We are a company that aims to improve environmental performance in order to protect the environment and ensure the continuity of natural resources.


Ak Nişasta Introduction
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