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Privacy Policy

Dear Customers,

Please be informed that our company AK NISASTA SAN VE TIC A.S (the "Company") will  collect, use,process,retain,disclose,transfer to third parties decribed below within Turkey or abroad, the personal data you share with us through our web site (i.e. your first name,last name,gender,location,the company you work for, e-mail,phone number and other information in messages), in compliance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (the "Law")

We will not sell your data to any third party and share it only with our affiliates, our group companies and third party service providers, who will collect,use,process,retain,disclose and/or transfer your personal data within Turkey or abroad, only for analytical and statistical purposes and in order to improve our services.

AK NISASTA Data and Personal Data Collection Channels

It can vary and vary depending, on the type and nature of the relationship between the AK NISASTA and the data owner, the communication channels used and the purpose information mentioned.

These personal data types,which are obtained by the data owner and by declaring the information by the data owner using the contact form on the web site during the visit of website of AK NISASTA, are processed as follows;

Name,surname,address,phone,age,resident city/country, e-mail adress and personal data contained within the CVs e-mail adress through the person's own declaration of any information

IP adress used when visiting the website.

The date and time the website was used.

Any third party website that has the means to connect the website.

View - through statistics, audience traffic to the website

Other action information about using the website

Personal data can be requested when contacting AK NISASTA.

AK NISASTA can share these collected personal data with each other and use it in accordance with the objectives stated in this policy Personal data can also be used to develop pruducts,services,content and advertisements.

Purposes of Processing Personal Data

Personal data may be processed by AK NISASTA for the following purposes and maybe stored for as long as these purposes and the relevant legal periods are foreseen;

To provide information transmission, management of our newsletter or other communication methods,

Adressing and managing consumer inquiries, requests and complaints.

Verification of the identity of persons who have contacted the AK NISASTA via telephone,electronic means or otherwise.

Ensuring internal training and quality assurance objectives, Understanding and evaluating consumer interests,requests and changing needs,developing web site,existing products and services and / or developing new products and services, Providing communication and targeted ads as well product recommendations.

AK NISASTA can also create profiles by creating information about online navigation,search and puchase behavior and interactions with brand communications (creating groups with specific characteristics)

Sharing Personal Data

Personal data can be shared with the following parties in line with the activities carried out by AK NISASTA and for the above mentioned purposes.

In order to fulfill the administrative objectives, the companies and Group companies of AK NISASTA.

AK NISASTA works with business units and factories to ensure coordination, cooperation and efficiency.

AK NISASTA provides support to the technological systems used by the company and the system administrators in this context Customer satisfaction etc. research companies and advertising / promotional agencies Recruitment service with Human Resources companies Evaluation of claims / complaints / suggestions, with third parties that host or operate the AK NISASTA website,analyze data,provide customer service and provide services on behalf of AK NISASTA Advertising channels,and networks,ad servers,social media networks and analytics companies or other third parties involved in marketing,promotion,data enrichment, During business transfers, company assets can be shared with third parties of personal data in the sale of subsidiaries or new business areas.

Legal obligations may be shared with the relevant legal authorities for the following purposes.

When a good faith is deemed necessary by a relevat law At the request of the government authorities to conduct and investigation: To verify or implement applicable policies: To detect and protect fraud or any technical or security vulnerabilities: To respong to an emergecny:

The website of AK NISASTA, in order to protect the rights; property and security of AK NISASTA or third parties belonging to the public.

Transfer personal data abroad

AK NISASTA can transfer data abroad in accordance with the purposes described in this Policy, and personal data can be stored and processed in the server and electronic media used in this context. Personal Data may be transferred to the European Union Countries, United Arap Emirates and African Countries, where the locations or server of AK NISASTA or its suppliers are located Necessary measures are taken in order to protect the personal data as required.

In order to meet the purposes set out in the Ver Purposes of Processing of Personal Data section of this Policy for processing, storage, administration or any other use specified in this Policy, the personal data may be exported in accordance with the legislation.

Necessary measures are taken in order to protect the personal data as required.

Personal data collected within the European Union Countries, United Arab Emirates and Africa may be transferred to and processed by third parties, for example, in a country outside the European Union. In such cases, AK NISASTA shall ensure that the transfer of your personal data is made in accordance with the relevant privacy laws, and in particular the appropriate contract, technical and institutional measures, such as those of the Standard Contracs approved by the EU Commission.

Personal data retention period and storage time

The personal data are kept within the scope of the relevant legal storage periods within the scope of AK NISASTA and are kept for the period necessary for the realization of the activities related to this data and the objectives spcified in this Policy. Personal data,whose purpose is terminated and the legal storage period expired, shall be deleted, destroyed or anonymized by AK NISASTA.

Our Company takes all necessary technical and other measures to ensure that it is protected against unauthorized or unlawful processing, access, loss, destruction or destruction of your Personal data and performs regular inspections, access,loss,destructions or destruction of your Personal data and performs regular inspections. If your information is shipped at home or abroad, all necessary technical and other measures will be taken to protect your information. Access to your Personal Data is limited to employees, contractors, authorities and other interested parties who only need strict access to this data and are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligation.

The rights of the data holder under the law

The rights of natural persons whose personal data are processed are regulated and the data holders persuant to this article have the following rights on AK NISASTA;

To learn whether personal data has been processed,

Learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately.

Knowing third parties where personal data is transferred at home or abroad.

To request correction / revision of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing.

If the reasons for the processing of personal data are removed, ask them to be deleted or destroyed.

Pursuant to Article 7 of the Act, the above mentioned correction and deletion procedures should be notified to third parties to which personal data is transferred.

To object to the emergence of a result against the individual by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems

Requesting the removal of the actual damage you incurred due to unlawful processing of personal data.

If the data owners want to use one of the rights listed above, They can forward their requests to or e-mail address.

AK NISASTA will be able to return these requests coming from the data owners within 30 working days at the latest, but these returns may vay from being in electonic form.



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